What I read this NOVEMBER?



I do not know if anyone has read this series. I read it back in my teenage and I did not quite like it then. But I read it again this month and to my surprise, I really really liked it. I did not understand certain baseball related terms but I liked it as whole. This book was something great on women empowerment.

As I looked it up on goodreads, I found that this book was originally published in 1990 and according to the time of publishing, it was a great book on feminist grounds. Only thing I did not like about the book was that the protagonist, Breezy Hawk, constantly hated on the color ‘pink’. I do not understand why Pink was or is considered a girly color, I mean even if it is, what is the basis of hating on it just because you believe women are equal to men? It is just a color. I rate the book 3.5/5. I want to purchase the rest of the series but I am not sure if I will find it.



I read this book out of a compilation made by Reader’s Digest (of 4 absolutely amazing novels). When I started reading it, I was so interested to read further because the Prologue pulled me right in. But the first 2 chapters were kind of dull and detailed. Detailed in the sense that it was not needed. The book is totally about politics but interesting from the third chapter on. I could not keep it down after that. The element of thrill and suspense were very well served.

But the ending was not as expected. I wanted it to end with Stephen Baker’s continued presidency but Sam Bourne had planned different things. Plus, even after all the good things, the bad things still persist in the end, as explained by the author in Epilogue, which is not a J.K Rowling thing (she is my goddess btw). Overall, I rate it 4/5.

Happy reading. xD

This month was a very productive month for me. What about you?

p.s: both the pictures are mine (kittyreadsandquotes: ig)



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