What I read this NOVEMBER?


This is one book you solely need in times of your depression. If you are really confused about your life and you think you are failing terribly at everything, read this book. It will make you wonder at a thousand different levels. It will make you realise that your failures and sorrows are only temporary and your sun will come out soon.

At one point, I felt so terribly sad for one of the Will Graysons for his innocence and for the hurt he had to face. Tiny Cooper seems to be foolish, naive and spoilt in the beginning but the climax is so well explained that it only makes you feel wonderful about Tiny Cooper. At first, when I picked up this book, I thought it is a plain gay love story plotted between the two WILL GRAYSONS but it turned out to be totally different. It is not just a love story. It is not just a gay love story. It is a lot more than that. If you have read enough JOHN GREEN, you will know what I am talking about.

On the whole, the book was totally funny and rude. Rude in a way that it does not fail to talk about the harsh reality of our lives, including our online life. The ending was, as I said earlier, so beautiful and sweet. I loved this book totally. THANKS TO JOHN AND DAVID FOR WRITING IT. Gay Pride Parade! I rate it 5/5. Please read it if you haven’t.





I know I must be the last person in this world to read this book but I am totally not into straight romance. I decided to pick it up because of the hype and the hype was real. When I started reading it, I thought it as just another CANCER book where the girl is going to die and others are going to cry and suffer. But it was totally different.

I felt so outraged after reading it, not able to process if my outrage was because of the injustice of reality or because of what JOHN GREEN had put me through. I felt heartbroken. It was an amazing read with amazing characters. I don’t know but I think John is very fond of the name ‘ISAAC’ because it was in WILL GRAYSON, WILL GRAYSON and here too.

I totally felt like Hazel Grace after reading it because :

  1. I LOVE GUS.
  2. John Green became my Peter Van Houghten and I needed desperate answers. I still need them ( I just wish John tweets back :P)

And finally I am so glad that John Green is an author. I rate it 5/5 (ofcourse).

to be continued….

p.s : Both the pictures belong to me. (kittyreadsandquotes :ig)

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