7 things INTJs hate

Myers Briggs type indicator or MBTI was devised by Myers and Briggs based on a theory proposed by Carl Jung that is the psychological variations in different individuals. There are 16 personalities in total based upon :

  1. Introversion (I) or Extraversion (E)
  2. Intuition (N) or Sensing (S)
  3. Thinking (T) or Feeling (F)
  4. Judging (J) or Perceiving (P)

    Out of the 16 types, one of them is INTJ. INTJs are one of the rarest types one can find and they are known for their thirst for knowledge, their love for science and for their cold exterior.

    Though, as introverts, we hate a lot of things what other people adore like socialising and PHONE CALLS, there are certain things specific to INTJs which we absolutely, pure spiritedly HATE!! 

    • Fake People

    INTJs, unlike others, cannot bear anything unauthentic. It bugs them to be around people who act like they are someone else. Authenticity is the utmost criteria INTJs use to gain a friendship or to maintain one. Once it is lost, they tend to lose respect really quickly for the other person. INTJs can clearly see through your intentions and they know what you are upto, so basically, there is no need to play coy! JUST STOP.

    • Emotional Manipulation

    Another thing that INTJs despise is emotional manipulation. Say it to my face and I will do it. DO NOT EVER TRY TO MANIPULATE ME TO GET THINGS DONE. You are a see through shirt and I can easily read you. You do it, I will walk away.

    • Whining / Complaining 

    It is okay if you come asking for our help or an advice. We would be happy to help you out with a solution. But if you are looking forward to patience towards your constant whining over trivial matters even though we have provided you with tons of solutions (but you are not ready to try it out because apparently IT’S NOT THAT EASY! GODDDAMN!), you have lost us already.

    • Small talk or as Trump says Locker room banter

    It is obvious that it is not an area of interest for most of the introverts. While most of us crave for deep meaningful conversations, INTJs tend to grade people according to their interests, their level of understanding and their depth of knowledge. If you are going to talk about how your eyeliner is NOT waterproof and cry about how your sister has one, I am already out the door, looking for people who can actually teach me something I don’t already know.

    • Condescending people

    We know that we don’t give enough chances for you to mock us over our intelligence, so I guess it is okay for you guys to grab a chance even though we hate it when you act like you are Einstein (though the other day, you asked me if females have prostate). INTJs, even though we have a great deal of knowledge about a lot of things (as we tend to keep gathering information) never act like we are superior to others. We are humble, modest and smart enough to keep our knowledge to ourselves. But if you are going to be an asshole and try to show us that we are nothing as compared to you, you are strongly MISTAKEN. *death glare*

    • An insult to our intelligence

    It is acceptable for you to make fun about how I look or how I dress but it is NEVER OKAY for you to make fun of how much I know or what I know or what I don’t know. INTJs love criticism but from people who actually act their age.

    • False blaming

    INTJs are honest, straight-forward and to the point. We accept if we make a mistake and we apologize even though we don’t make much of an effort to show it but WE DO. *scoffs* What INTJs cannot cope with is when someone blames us falsely for something we haven’t done. Have you seen a volcano erupt? You will. Try blaming me for something YOU fucked up with.

    I hope you enjoyed reading this and I hope it was relatable, atleast a little bit. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR READING. Please do like and comment below if you enjoyed it. 🙂 

    11 thoughts on “7 things INTJs hate

    1. My question is this: Do you suppose that INTJ types attract more than their fair share of narcissists and other kinds of sociopaths, owing to the quiet exterior of the INTJ, and due to their low propensity for demonstrating emotional reaction and the fact that they are less likely to be surrounded by a social circle?

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      1. I wouldn’t say yes to that. But I think I have recognised and known a fair share of narcissists and sociopaths than others. Maybe it is because INTJs tend to recognise them early and coerce them to show their real face as compared to some of the other personalities who tend to be more easy going and who adjust to whatever they are being showed. And the survival advantage of sociopaths is their being low key agenda. So, if their true quality is brought out, there is nothing really left behind. So, probably it is true that INTJs have met a fair share of narcissists and other kinds of sociopaths but not owing to their quiet exterior but because of their ability to recognise and point out who is who. As far as considering the low propensity for demonstrating emotional reaction is concerned, narcissists prey upon those who are emotionally weakened and who cannot distinguish their wits from impulsive feeling induced decisions. INTJs may not have the ability to demonstrate their emotions but they do not let the emotions control their decision making process. So, basically, they will know when to ward off such people from their life and they do. I partly agree to your statement but not completely since the reasons don’t add up quite right. Thank you for reading, Ken. 🙂


    2. I’m adding motivational crap to the list. I tend to be pretty self-motivated and don’t need pretty posters or deep thoughts to move me or make me do the right thing. I imagine most other INTJs are the same way.

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      1. I guess you are right. I mean, it goes for me too. I don’t really need that kind of shit too. Haha.


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