“Screw the beauty standards”

As we say BEAUTY STANDARDS, a lot of things come to our mind because *snorts* let’s face it we have set a lot of standards for every freaking thing. The details! Ugh. They are tiring. Well, when I was a child, I did not know the terms “introvert” or “personal space” or “comfort zone” or “nerd” for that matter. I merely existed and did what others expected of me to. I loved reading. I loved staying indoors with a book in my hand, had it been an academic related one. School is basically where you learn all the words. And mind you, it is not just the teachers who teach you stuff there. I learnt a lot about people during my childhood and majorly during my teenage years from my fellow classmates. 

It was not pleasant. Not pleasant at all. I hated school. I still hate my schooling days. The only thing I liked about school was how well I performed and how much I used to get appreciated by my teachers. 

I don’t know what brought the idea of looking good equals being fair, into the world.
I don’t know who taught this world that being skinny is wrong, being fat is obnoxious and hey! You have freckles? No one will marry you. Worst of all is the case of people with hirsutism. Like leave them alone? Let them be! You seriously do not care about them! So, better stop PRETENDING. 

We are all humans in the end. We exist to survive. Why put standards on every fugging thing in a short life span of ours? 

When I was a child, I was bullied for being dark. I am not kidding when I say I remember every little thing they said and who said or did what to me. Bullying is not funny. I used to come home and cry. I told my mom once out of self pity and loathing and she thought it is not a problem to cry about. I am not blaming my mom. She is wonderful. Infact, I have the best parents, I believe. The problem is the flaw in parenting and how none of the parents accept it. 

No matter how little a problem be, listen to your kids. They might not have faced as much as you have but it is a BIG DEAL for THEM. 

And to those who called me “Kaali chinti” or “Kaali baigan” or “Sukhdi” or “skeleton” or “ek foonk pe ud jaegi” and stuff like that, look at yourself. Are you perfect

kaali : a girl who is dark/black

chinti or cheenti (I am not sure how to spell it in English ~ Hindi) : an ant

baigan : a brinjal ( I know! Wtf?)

sukhdi : scrawny

ek foonk pe ud jaegi : a phrase very commonly used for skinny people which means a single blow of their stenching air (via mouth) will be enough to make us buoyant.

I am skinny. I am dark. I may not be the supermodel. But you have no rights to claim perfection from me when you are so very flawed. 

An eye for an eye makes the whole world go blind.

If the bullied start bullying, there will be nothing left but pain. 

Bullying is not the answer to make yourself look better. You don’t have to pull others down to make yourself look stronger or beautiful.

Be kind. 

Screw the beauty standards. 

When looks stop mattering…..that is when you become something.


Just so you know, I had written a story a year ago on wattpad titled “Screw the beauty standards.”

If you want to check it out, the username on wattpad is : pythagoraswasadouche

Thank you for reading.


5 thoughts on ““Screw the beauty standards”

  1. I hate how beauty standards are such a focal point of everyday life. We should all be seen as beautiful in our own unique ways and there is no reason for anyone to bully anyone else just for how you look. It sickens me and it is something I hope would come to an end even if that may be an unrealistic goal.

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