Review of Heir Of Fire by Sarah J. Maas

This book was a disappointment to me when I started it and even after 400 pages in, it was. I had to drag myself to read this book. 

The only thing that kept me going was Dorian and Manon. 

I had 2 stars in my mind from the start but the ending shook me enough to give it 2 more. 

And the need to read QoS has kicked in. Thank God for that. It was mindblowing towards the end. And I still don’t like Rowan as I like Rhysand. 

Rowan, for me, was an arrogant, judgmental, mighty asshole.

And Celaena? Omg. It was too much for a character to be so much! Seriously! I felt like asking SjM to give a break! How can a person be so flawless. That seemed a bit off putting. 

As for Manon, damn! That character is so beautifully written. I have no idea about others but I ship Abraxos and Manon so bad! Haha. 

So, I give this book a 4🌟for the ending, Dorian and Manon.


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