Top 5 reasons why I cannot start a youtube channel!

This is something that those who have a channel already and those who do not, yet (let’s be optimistic, huh?) can relate to some extent. Now, I know many people who were bloggers, becoming youtubers in order to interact better with their followers/audience. But is youtube for everyone? Maybe or maybe not.

Let me tell you why I cannot start my own youtube channel :

  1. I live with my family!

Now, you might be thinking why is that a reason to not have a youtube channel of your own. I mean, it sounds ridikkulus ( you see what I did there?). But…I am an Indian and my parents are Indians too. And believe me when I say this, there is no damned excuse or thing that will keep them away from pounding at your door or yelling at you for locking your room from inside! None. Zero. Because what’s privacy? I don’t know.

okay…not this creepy. But, you get the idea!

2. I have a dog!

  • Dogs are so cute!
  • Dogs are lovely!
  • You are so lucky!
  • I wish I had one.

Do you think I don’t know all that? I DO. I MOST DEFINITELY DO. But when she scratches your face while you are trying to include her in your video, I don’t think you will think of starting a youtube channel anytime soon.


(I love my dog. Seriously. She is a living meme. And I love memes. I love her. Do not judge.)

3. I am a socially awkward panda!

You know what I love? Not having to face people, because seriously, I don’t know how to do that without my nerves exploding, my bladder asking for a permission to leak involuntarily, my palms sweating like there is a sweat gland farm widespread on them…okay, I am exaggerating a little. But seriously, I am very awkward and it is just too much for me to film a video where I am talking to a camera, which will then be posted on a platform where anybody who wants to troll you can watch you getting awkward and going all sleazy pants!

4. I am a sloth!

I am not literally a sloth. Oops. Plot twist, huh? I mean, I could be but I am not. I am very lazy, guys. And I am talking 24/7 lazy. So, yeah, I am actually incapable. And to look half decent, I would have to work on my face. My patronus is a mole. What else can I say?


5. I am highly unmotivated!

Now, all of these might sound like a bunch of excuse (they are) to avoid trying but siriusly (pun intended), I am very unmotivated and I don’t have ideas at all. People are so dedicated to their channels. Making videos twice a week. I really admire them. They have such control over their life. I do not even control my remote control, guys! And a remote lets you control it and has instructions to tell you how to do it!


Anyway, I hope you wasted your 5 minutes reading these 5 reasons. If somehow you liked this dorky post, click on that star and let me know what you feel about it.

Thanks for reading. 🙂


8 thoughts on “Top 5 reasons why I cannot start a youtube channel!

    1. Exactly! And you cannot even talk back because that is…disrespectful and my mom will actually start crying if I do that. Lol


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