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Isn’t magic a wonderful thing? And how beautiful is to appreciate people doing magical things with their lives? Do you want to be one of those people? Well, the good news is that you too have magic inside you and the amazing news is that you have the power to unleash it. You are a few pages away from finding the magic in you.

My review:

To be honest, this is my very first self-help book because I have never actually needed it or so I thought. Even though, most of the things that the author mentioned or shared were things that I have known myself or have thought of, many times, it felt reassuring, inspiring and motivating to me when I read them and it played out loud in my head. Being in a severe quarter life crisis myself, this book was perfect for me at this point of my life. It helped me to calm the negative self in me and helped me to solve the clutter in my head. I will keep this book close to me and read my favorite chapters in terms of distress, for sure.

“Whenever you are feeling a sense of discomfort, remember that you are doing something extraordinary from what an average man would do. ”

“Mastering discomfort can help you master anything.”

The author constantly mentions his own struggles, experiences and stories which makes it very personal and helps the reader to connect with the book on a deeper level.

The book is written in quite an informal writing style which is easy to read and is nicely done. It feels like talking to a friend. This book is a great book for beginners who wish to explore reading self-help books.

There are parts in the book which the author mentions as journals where the author urges you to interact with yourself, write down your worries, weaknesses and gratitude down. It acts as a passive help provided to you to solve the mess in your head on your own.

The writing is clear, coherent and concise but there were parts which were redundant which could have been avoided. Also, I found a few editing errors that needs some revision.

Another problem I had with the book is that there are two instances in the book or rather two chapters in the book that contradict each other.

  1. In one instance, the author asks the reader to embrace the negativity as being overly positive could be harmful and may stop us from giving our best efforts.
  2. Author asks the reader to be highly optimistic.

Now, as I read it again, flipping a few chapters back, I realized that the author is preaching practical positivity. Nevertheless, this may confuse the reader and could have been done in a much better way to avoid confusion.

One chapter I found relatable was “Be in a relationship where you can be bored together”, I found myself nodding through most of it.

Overall, I loved reading this book.

Would I recommend? Yes.

Rating: 4/5.

Final thoughts: This is a book that will tell you how to be successful and still be happy.

Thank you to the author for sending me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This review is in no way influenced or dishonest. All rights reserved.

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