Book Review of Crown Anthology : One Hundred Voices, Two Hundred Poems


Crown Anthology is a new collection of verse from some of the most prominent poets onlie, with a foreword by Tyler Knott Gregson – one of the movement’s foremost authors. Crown Anthology is a book of community and hope, created from the singular idea that great art has the power to unite. It was birthed in the voices of an online poetry subculture, along the internet alleyways of social media and within the electronic exchanges of hundreds of poets and artists.

Crown Anthology is a story about hope and restroration. It affirms that every soul is royal and tells the timeless story we will hopefully all get a chance to experience in our lifetime – the path from separation to wholeness, the journey to find our crown amidst the brokenness of the world.

My review:

Instagram poetry is something that we all must have read at some point or another or atleast come across some of it. Rupi Kaur is one such sensation who has gathered a huge audience for herself for her poetry. Crown Anthology is a collection of poems from a community called Lost Poets who gathered to publish their art to let the world know of it. The editors of the book Analog de Leon and Gabriel sage also have their poems published in the book.

While the initiative is highly commendable since there are many artists who remain undiscovered and it is really hard to discover good artists these days, but personally, the style of the poetry wasn’t my cup of tea.

This isn’t poetry for me.

The book is divided into five parts : Tender is the night, Paradise Lost, As I lay dying. The Sun also rises, Look Homeward, Angel. Each part felt like a theme which felt very organised to me and was very easy to read.

I did like many poems in the book but most of the others were lost on me and were quite cringy. I appreciate a good love poetry but the poems which pertained to love in this book felt generic and cliched to me.

This made me cringe so hard.

The foreword written by Tyler Gregson was really beautiful and at the mention of Plath and Dickinson, I thought the poems gathered here would be extraordinary but it was a disappointment for me.

One of the poems that I really liked was :

I know it is tiresome, my love,

to keep swinging your sledgehammer

at my facade

only to get a glimpse of what is inside.

But I was not always like this, you know?

They made me this way.

No one ever cared enough about my insides

to keep swinging.

So please do not stop.

I want you to ruin me.

– Emma Gaspar-Vrana

Personally, I like poems with more than a surface meaning. I like poetry with more than one interpretation. I like poetry that makes me think and wonder. I like poetry that shocks me. Leaves me dumbfounded. None of that happened to me with this collection.

But if you like such poetry, I think it would prove to be a wonderful read for you.

Rating: 2⭐/5

Thank you Andrews McMeel publishers for this review copy in exchange for an honest review.


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